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Annual Progress Report
Students are to submit an Annual Assessment to the program office. Students plan to meet with their advisors in the spring to review courses taken, grades received and courses planned for next year. Turn in the completed form to Program Office before the end of the spring semester.

Specialty Field Examination
Second-year students should begin preparing for their specialty field comprehensive examination taken in late spring; The Specialty Field Exam Checklist 2015-2016  form must be submitted with the annual assessment form prior to the exam.

Research Methods Paper Completion Documentation
The Qualifying Examination Checklist form must be signed by students’ advisors, research methods chair, and the Program Director.  Once signatures are obtained, return to the Ph.D. program manager and the form will be included in the student’s qualifying exam folder for faculty review.

Qualifying Exam (QE) Forms
Three forms are to be prepared prior to the student’s QE:

1) The Application for Qualifying Examination  must be completed and submitted to Graduate Division at minimum of three weeks prior to the scheduled exam.

2) The Application for Candidacy for the Doctoral Degree form must be completed and a check in the amount of $90 made payable to the Regents of the University of California.  Mail to:  Graduate Services Degrees, 318 Sproul Hall #5900, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA 94720-5900

3) The Report to the Graduate Division on the Qualifying Examination form must be completed by the student and brought to the oral qualifying examination.  The pre-filled form is handed to the QE committee chair at the beginning of the QE session.

Ph.D. Dissertation Forms

Filing Fee Application

Doctoral Student Filing Checklist

Dissertation Release

For other graduate division forms, please visit here.

Registrar Forms

To add, drop, or for grading option changes: Graduate Petition to Change Class Schedule