Program Office

Ph.D. Program in Health Policy Program Office

The Program Office is located in Room 417P University Hall and is managed by Marques Redd, Ph.D., School of Public Health.

Marques Redd, PhD, Health Policy PhD Program Manager & Assistant Director of Student Services

Marques Redd, Ph.D.
2199 Addison Street, 417P
Berkeley, CA 94720
(510) 643-8452
(510) 643-5676

The Chair of the Graduate Group in Health Policy, Director of the Ph.D. Program in Health Policy, and Head Graduate Adviser is Professor Hector Rodriguez.


Advisers / Guidance Committee

Entering students are assigned a faculty adviser from the core faculty members in the School of Public Health.  Students can opt to change advisers after the first semester, or may add another faculty adviser to form a guidance committee.  It is recommended that students meet with their adviser(s) at least twice a semester, if not more.  Students should take responsibility for initiating and scheduling meetings with their advisers and, in the event of special issues or concerns, can also meet with the Program Director, Professor Hector Rodriguez.