Students should plan to take the Dissertation Seminar after they pass the specialty field exam in order to receive the necessary guidance and support prior to this stage of development. Copies of Ph.D. program prospectuses and dissertations are kept on file in the Program Office in 417C University Hall. Current students may borrow copies for reference purposes.

There are published Graduate Division Guidelines that students who are advanced to candidacy should refer to prior to preparing their dissertation drafts. Students are responsible for following all Graduate Division rules and requirements. In order to file within a specific semester, the deadline is the last working day of the term. There are only two official filing periods; spring and winter, however students can generally file their dissertations year around.

The dissertation publishing service ProQuest is one which the University is affiliated with. For more information on the options available to students, please visit the Graduate Division website on this topic.


Filing Fee

In order to file, candidates must either be a registered student or be on filing fee status: this is a reduced fee for those students who have completed all requirements and are intending to file their dissertations. These candidates cannot hold a campus appointment (GSI or GSR) or receive any campus funding if they have filing fee status. Furthermore, a candidate must have been registered as a full-time student in the semester prior to the filing fee period. Three units of summer session will fulfill this requirement for those students who plan to be on filing fee status for Fall, and who were not registered during the previous Spring. The filing fee application must be signed by the student and Head Graduate Advisor, and the cost will be charged to the student’s CARS account. More information can be found in the Guide to Graduate Policy.