Organizations and Management

Faculty Lead: Hector Rodriguez

The Organizations and Management specialty field trains scholars of organizational behavior and political behavior in health. Theories and methods in organizational sociology, political science, and social psychology are central to the study of health organizations. Specialty field courses in macro-organizational theory, micro-organizational theory, and organizational analysis of the health sector are required. The specialty field emphasizes the management of health care and public health organizations and systems, the implementation and dissemination of policies and practices within and across organizations, and the role of policy-making institutions as platforms for the creation and modification of health policies.

Core Requirements

PH 237A,B    Theories and Methods in Health Policy and Health Services Research
PH 237C      Health Services Research Colloquium (Years 1 and 2)
PH 237D      Health Policy Dissertation Seminar (Year 3+)

Interdisciplinary Requirement

Three courses across any of the following areas: 1) Politics and Policy, 2) Population Health Sciences, and/or 3) Health Economics.   If a masters-level microeconomics course has not been completed in the past, a masters level course in microeconomics is required as one of the 3 courses.

Specialty Field Requirements

Students in the Organizations and Management specialty field are expected to take 5 courses: 1 core course and four specialty field elective courses.

Core Course
PH 224D Organizational Analysis of the Health Sector

Electives (Select 4; at least 1 from micro and 1 from macro categories)

PhD BA 259A Seminar in Micro-Organizational Behavior
PhD BA 259C Research in Industrial Relations and Labor
PhD BA 259S Seminar in Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations
PhD BA 297T Research in Micro-Organizational Behavior
Psy 290J    Social Psychology (various seminars)

PH 224C Advanced Health Organizations
PhD BA 259B    Seminar in Macro-Organizational Behavior
PhD BA 259D    Seminar in Organizational Theory
PhD BA 279C    Corporate Strategy and Technology
PS 280C       Organizational Analysis: Structure, Control, & Cooperation
SOC 205E    Advanced Study – Industrial Sociology
SOC 280D    Organizations
SOC 280R    Advanced Study – Professions
EDU 261A Organization Theory in Education and Other Social Services

Other Electives
PS 200A Major Themes in Comparative Analysis
PS 209A Comparative Political Economy
PS 252 Legal Theory and Institutions
PS 261 Political Behavior
PS 279 Federalism and Territoriality in American Politics
PS 289 Research Topics in Public Organization
PS 292 Advanced Study- Public Organization
PhD BA 279A Institutions, Interest Groups and Public Policy
SOC 280DD Sociology of Medicine

Research Methods (select 3)
EDU 274B    Measurement in Education and Social Sciences
EDU 274C    Research Seminar in Measurement
EDU 274D    Multidimensional Measurement
EDU 275B    Data Analysis in Educational Research II
EDU 275G    Hierarchical and Longitudinal Modeling
PH C242C    Longitudinal Data Analysis
PH 219D     Introduction to Survey Methods
PH 219E Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Public Health Research
PH 245 Intro to Multivariate Public Health Statistics
PH 250B     Epidemiologic Methods II
PH 252A     Applied Sampling
PhD BA 297B Research and Theory in Business: Behavioral Science
PS 235      Introduction to Research Design
PS 239T Intro to Computational Tools and Techniques for Social Science Research
PS 243A     Qualitative and Multi-Methods Research
PS C236A    Statistics of Causal Inference in Social Sciences
PSY 206     Structural Equation Modeling
Demog 260 Social Networks