Faculty Group

Core Ph.D. Program Faculty

The core Ph.D. program faculty are members of the School of Public Health, the Haas School of Business, School of Social Welfare, the Goldman School of Public Policy and the departments of economics, sociology, and political science.  The core faculty include:

UCSF Affiliate Faculty

Affiliated UCSF health policy faculty can serve as co-chairs and as additional members of dissertation committees.

Emeritus Faculty
Emeritus faculty of the Health Policy faculty group may serve on dissertation committees as Chair, inside member, or as an Academic Senate Representative.  Their availability to students, however, may be limited compared to core faculty group members.

Ralph Catalano
Lee Friedman
Teh-Wei Hu
Todd LaPorte
Ronald Lee
James Lincoln
Thomas Rundall
Lonnie Snowden

Affiliated Faculty
Faculty who are affiliated with the doctoral program play a contributing role for Ph.D. students.  Many of the affiliated faculty teach courses that are part of the core curriculum and serve as graders of specialty field exams.  Most importantly, they serve as Academic Senate Representatives of qualifying exam and dissertation committees.

Jennifer Ahern – Division of Epidemiology
Michael Anderson – Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics
Sarah Anzia – Goldman School of Public Policy
Stefano Bertozzi– Division of Health Policy and Management
Jack Colford – Division of Epidemiology
Jason Corburn – Department of City & Regional Planning /SPH
Mathijs De Vaan– Haas School of Business
Cybelle Fox – Department of Sociology
Bruce Fuller– Graduate School of Education
Anu Manchikanti Gomez– School of Social Welfare
Hilary Hoynes – Goldman School of Public Policy
Alan Hubbard – Division of Biostatistics
Barbara Laraia– Division of Community Health Sciences
Jonah Levy– Department of Political Science
Ming Leung– Haas School of Business
Edward Miguel– Department of Economics
Armando Lara-Millan– Department of Sociology
Kristen Madsen– Division of Community Health Sciences
Mahasin Mujahid – Division of Epidemiology
Charlan Nemeth – Department of Psychology
Amani Nuru-Jeter– Division of Community Health Sciences
Malcolm Potts – Division of Epidemiology
Sophia Rabe-Hesketh – Graduate School of Education
Jasjeet Sekhon – Department of Political Science
Kirk Smith – Division of Environmental Health
Toby Stuart – Haas School of Business
Ann Swidler – Department of Sociology
Reed Walker – Haas School of Business