The Health Policy Faculty Group is comprised of 22 professors drawn from departments and schools across the Berkeley campus such as economics, political science, sociology, the School of Public Health, the Goldman School of Public Policy and the Haas School of Business.  The prestigious faculty includes winners of  Baxter Prize for Health Service Research (Shortell), Filerman Prize in Health Management Education (Rundall), and Thompson Prize for Young Investigators (Rodriguez, Dow); past-president of the International Health Economics Association (Scheffler) and four separate winners of that association’s Arrow Award for best health economics papers (Dow, Gertler, Miguel, and Kolstad); and the former Editor-in-Chief of the leading health policy journal Health Affairs (Robinson) and Health Services Research (Shortell).

Professor Joan Bloom, faculty lead of the Organizations and Management special field, celebrates at graduation with Dr. Greg Robinson and Cameron (at age 3).

Professor Joan Bloom celebrates at graduation with Dr. Greg Robinson and his son Cameron.

New students are assigned to an advisor based on expressed interest in a particular area of study. However, students are free to change advisors at any time after the first semester and are encouraged to create a guidance committee by selecting an additional advisor to meet with by the second year of the program, particularly in preparation for the specialty field exam.

PhD students are responsible for scheduling regular meeting with their advisors and for keeping them apprised of planned coursework.  An annual assessment form signed by students’ advisors is required from all students to review courses taken, grades received, and progress through the program in general.

Many of the faculty group members outside of the SPH teach core or specialty field courses and can provide additional guidance to students in specific areas of research. Faculty who are affiliated with the Health Policy PhD program and who are not faculty group members often serve as Academic Senate Representatives of the committees.

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