The Berkeley Difference

Berkeley is one of the world’s most dynamic educational hubs for health policy and health services research. The campus, the surrounding community, and the San Francisco Bay Area provide diverse intellectual and cultural stimulation. A major research center, Berkeley is a place where ideas are conceived and tested. Some of the most distinguished teachers and scholars in the world teach classes on campus, and the faculty includes eight living Nobel laureates and 32 MacArthur Fellows.

The PhD Program is distinguished by its interdisciplinary application of the social and behavioral science disciplines to real world health issues.   The Health Policy Faculty Group is comprised of 27 professors drawn from departments and schools across the Berkeley campus such as economics, political science, sociology, and the Haas School of Business.  The prestigious faculty includes winners of the Baxter Prize for Health Service Research (Shortell), Filerman Prize in Health Management Education (Rundall), and Thompson Prize for Young Investigators (Rodriguez, Dow); past-president of the International Health Economics Association (Scheffler); three separate winners of that association’s Arrow Award for best health economics papers (Dow, Gertler, and Miguel); and the former Editors-in-Chief of the leading health policy journals Health Affairs (Robinson) and Health Services Research (Shortell).

The quality of the student body complements the stature of the faculty.  Students come from every part of the United States and from many other nations.  The Berkeley PhD program is committed to diversity and multicultural education–elements the faculty consider to be essential to intellectual exchange.

In addition to an exciting academic community, the campus offers a program of concerts and special events that compete with that of any metropolitan city. The campus has both state-of-the-art athletic facilities and nationally ranked sports teams. The University includes an art museum, an anthropology museum, and the Pacific Film Archive, which offers one of the largest and most varied film collections in the world.

The City of Berkeley boasts tree-lined streets, a Mediterranean climate, and a range of restaurants from inexpensive ethnic discoveries to gourmet havens. Near campus, students can relax at sidewalk cafes or the almost countless bookstores or browse among the wares of street craftspeople.

Most students at Berkeley live in the greater San Francisco Bay Area where great views are daily companions. Northern California with its natural beauty and variety of recreational opportunities is within easy reach. The University and its surroundings make Berkeley one of the most desirable places in the world to learn and to live. For a virtual tour of our campus, click here.