Ph.D. Program Specialty Fields

The Health Economics specialty field draws on economics, mathematics, statistics, and epidemiology to understand the causal relationship between different aspects of health and the health care sector. With an emphasis on quantifying relationships, health economics covers a broad range of study areas including health production, demand & supply of health services, healthcare financing, behavioral responses to institutional or policy incentives, policy evaluations and other efficiency and equity issues surrounding health.  Faculty Lead:  Will Dow

The Organizations and Management specialty field trains scholars of organizational behavior and political behavior in health. Theories and methods in organizational sociology, political science, and social psychology are central to the study of health organizations. Specialty field courses in macro-organizational theory, micro-organizational theory, and organizational analysis of the health sector are required. The specialty field emphasizes the management of health care and public health organizations and systems, the implementation and dissemination of policies and practices within and across organizations, and the role of policy-making institutions as platforms for the creation and modification of health policies.  Faculty Lead: Hector Rodriguez

The Population Health Sciences specialty field trains students for research careers in the social, behavioral, and economic determinants of health and the study of interventions, policies, and practices that impact the health of populations and vulnerable communities. The specialty field emphasizes addressing the social and behavioral determinants of health through quantitative and mixed methods research informed by theories and methods in economics, psychology, demography, and social epidemiology. Faculty Lead: Lia Fernald

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